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Yes we have secrets!

We do have some secrets! Or should we say surprises?
To show how much we appreciated our advertisers, we have bought up some nifty prizes (think ipods, gift certificates, cd's and a couple of huge huge prizes!).

We have hidden these prizes on the countdown on random positions. If you buy a link and it has a prize, you're in luck! But you wont know which links are the prize-links... Where is the fun in that?

Remember - to WIN a prize, you need to buy the exact link the prize is on. First to process payment wins the prize.

Thats why we will post some clues on our secrets page and in our newsletter. Usually the clues will post as we get closer (less than 20 positions) to a prize link, but you cant count on that. It could be we dont say a thing or that we spill the beans way in advance.

The best thing is to sign up for our newsletter (see the sidebar) - you will get all the clues as well as an email everytime a new link is sold!

Secret #001

Erik finds Ice and Emma finds light.

SOLVED! Winner is #982 - the year where Erik the red discovers Greenland and Emma of Normany was born.

Secret #002


All the colors from this

Secret #003

More of a public secret. The next four links : #975, #974, #973 and #972 each will get this neat package from Hostrific:

* 500 MB Diskspace
* 10 GB Bandwidth
* Unlimited Mail Boxes
* Unlimited Subdomains
* 5 Addon Domains
* Cpanel

Read more here.

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