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We have liftoff! - 18 August 2006 22:57

All testlinks were wiped and site went live. A somewhat strange day - 14 links sold is awesome!

woot.com bought 10 of them, which is even more awesome - they are pioneers in funvertising!

It will be interesting to see where this goes. And I think the first prize is up soon, check the secrets page for the first clue... The blog will contain more frequent updates and you can also subscribe with RSS there!

Launch phase 1 - 11 August 2006 11:27

Today the latest advertising craze launched! After the milliondollarhomepage everyone has been looking for what the next thing will be, and you have found it! Link Countdown will launch in full soon, but now is your chance to get a link in while the price is low. The link will be yours forever and you can rent it, sell it or do what you want.


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