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Q: What are these secrets I hear of?

A: We do have some secrets! Or should we say surprises? To show how much we appreciated our advertisers, we have bought up some nifty prizes (think ipods, gift certificates, cd's and a couple of huge huge prizes!). We have hidden these prizes on the countdown on random positions. If you buy a link and it has a prize, you're in luck! But you wont know which links are the prize-links... Where is the fun in that?

Thats why we will post some clues on our secrets page and in our newsletter. Usually the clues will post as we get closer (less than 20 positions) to a prize link, but you cant count on that. It could be we dont say a thing or that we spill the beans way in advance.

The best thing is to sign up for our newsletter (see the sidebar) - you will get all the clues as well as an email everytime a new link is sold!

Q: What uptime guarantee do you offer?

A: We have an excellent uptime and try to never, ever be down. Promise! If it happens, we work dilligently (that means fast and really good) to fix it! We have a backup host where we can move Link Countdown in case of prolonged problems.

Q: What happens if a link is not acceptable?

A: If you make a booboo and submit a link that is perhaps a bit borderline, we will temporarily remove it and email you to let you know. Weíre quite reasonable you know, but if it happens multiple times, you will forfeit your link spot. So try not to ok? We really want you to get years and years of value from your link!

Q: Can I upgrade a link? Get a better position?

A: The best way to do this is to buy another link later and sell your old one. Or keep both!

Q: I really want 777, can I reserve it ?

A: Currently no, but if you really really want it, please contact us and we will try and work with you to place your order for you when we reach that position.

Q: Can I sell, rent or give my link away?

A: Sure can! List it on ebay, put it on craigslist or anywhere else you like. Give it, rent it, sell it, hawk it. We donít give any guarantees though (nor do we charge any fees), you are responsible for the transaction yourself. Collect the dough, hand over the login information to the buyer.

Q: Can I make changes to my link? Can I link to another website?

A: Sure! You can log back into Link Countdown at any time and edit your link and point it somewhere else. If you want to promote another website or business, you can log in and change the link and link text as often as you link. Again the only exception is that you have to comply with our acceptable link policy or face the wrath of our linkmaster.

Q: Why should I get a link with Link Countdown

A: Consider the fantastic value! You get a permanent, forever, link to whatever you want to promote! You can always change it too! We donít link with pictures, but with text which helps your ranking with search engines Ė and you decide the text yourself!

Q: Will prices change?

A: Each new link will cost $1 more than the previous link baseprice. So link #1000 will be $1, link #999 will be #2 etc. Simple eh?

Then there is options! "No options! wait.. Tell me about the secret agent package". Options are simple things you can do to enhance your listing like bold, underline etc. The options will slowly increase in price, but only in increments after each 25 links sold or less, and are generally very cheap.

Q: How long will my link be available on Link Countdown?

A: Forever! Your link will never be removed from Link Countdown. We will keep linking to your site as long as you want. The only exception is if your link text or the website we link to is against our acceptable link policy. The link position you buy from us is permanent and will never be taken down or sold to others.

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